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Eppazufaw 1 year ago Thanks for your work, great. SoCalBeachRunner 1 year ago Great themes.

MacOS Mojave GTK Theme

Love 'em, Thanks! I'm running Ubunto Maybe wrong theme page? SoCalBeachRunner 1 year ago Correction: OSX-Arc-Plus file isn't part of this theme, had installed it just prior. Thanks again. Mine just stays to the right.

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Ubuntu VastRt Oct 08 Madkita Jun 26 Orion Jan 28 CloudyWizzard Jan 14 Goomb Jan 13 AV1Aca Jan 10 Caos Dec 29 Brahimsalem Nov 16 Tyshawn21 Jul 28 Tiboriyo Jul 28 Kamelot Oct 20 Jocix Sep 05 However, the panel remains on the left after I applied the theme with Tweaks. Is there any step I missed? The icons however depend on the icon-theme. You can download any macos-like icon-theme here at gnome look, place it extracted in a ".

Added another gnome 3. And provided the file in the download section. Added link and download-file for Cinnamon-Edition 7 months ago Added link and download-file for Cinnamon-Edition Update Extra-file 7 months ago Update Extra-file Uploaded new element in the extra file 7 months ago New addition Added Extra-file 8 months ago Added a wallpaper Uploading completely new files 8 months ago Major update. I think GTK compatibility issues.

Overall a great theme I can say https: This is great work, very professional, congrats! I'm running on Mint 18 Mate. Frettchen Jun 27 you are doing the same theme over and over again - its boring sry! TheProduct86 Jan 09 Puli Nov 21 TanyaSmith Oct 14 Jocix Sep 03 ATShields Aug 26 RealAct Aug 26 MaticMermolja Aug 06 Mershl Jun 30 Senk0n Jun 26 CWtD Jun 23 Amarcord Jun 21 Share Tweet. More GTK3 Themes from paulxfce: Nextwaita - GTK3 Themes.

Desaturin - GTK3 Themes. Brayzill - GTK3 Themes. Other GTK3 Themes: Finally, to hide the toolbox in the corner of your desktop, click on it and select Configure Desktop. In the Tweaks menu that will pop up, disable the Show the desktop toolbox option. Ever wanted to customize your Linux desktop, but just couldn't find that one perfect theme? If Cinnamon is your current desktop environment, creating your own theme is easy to learn. Read More looks more like Windows than macOS. Fortunately, this is very easy to change.

This should leave you with something a bit more Mac-like.

Afterwards, remove the desktop icons in the panel by right-clicking on them, and selecting the Remove option. You may also remove the window list applet if you prefer it to a global menu by right-clicking on it, selecting Configure the window list , then clicking the Remove button.

Ubuntu MacOS Theme – Linux Hint

An extension for Cinnamon called Global AppMenu [No longer available] provides the desktop with a menu bar. The app itself is apparently going to be ported to GNOME soon, but at this point in time, it works fine. To install it, enter these commands in:. Having done this, you should now be able to add the Global Application Menu applet to your panel. You can also drag it to a place of your liking by enabling Panel edit mode right click on the panel. Ubuntu has them by default, but others might not:.

If you followed the steps at the beginning of the article, Plank should be active on your desktop. To fix this, open up the Startup Applications menu in the settings manager. The Cinnamon desktop needs a bit more tweaking than other desktops.

A macOS Mojave Inspired GTK Theme Appears

Then, change the Icons entry to use GnomeYosemiteIcons-master. For some final touches, you can change your wallpaper to something more Mac-like. You may have to show hidden folders to see it.

Here are the best best Linux operating systems to consider. Read More without having to do all that work. Dying to try something new? Here are the best Linux distros to install on a Mac. Read More is just waiting to be found. What do you like to change in your Linux desktops?

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Explore more about: Linux , macOS Sierra ,. Your email address will not be published. I am getting a black dark theme on nautilus. On restarting the tweak tools, It changed to a light theme while nautilus still has a dark theme. I have used cairo- dock instead of plank.. Its highly customizable and works well. You can get it using apt-get install cairo-dock. Furthermore, you can use Plank as well to emulate a proper macOS dock on it.

However, your window buttons might look a little out of place. LXDE uses Openbox as its window manager, which uses separate themes from the rest of the system. A quick search yielded no appropriate macOS theme for Openbox. LXDE is just as malleable as other desktop environments, so moving the taskbar to the top shouldn't be a problem. Good luck! Just taken a look at Deepin, and it's certainly very Mac-like. I bet with a few icon theme changes, this would be even more pronounced! Looking at the preview from their website, I wasn't able to see a menu-bar at the top, but this could probably be easily rectified by adding a third-party panel like Vala Panel or Xfce Panel.