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I'm in the same boat.

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I have to tap the arrow a zillion times. I use click to move, but the key is to get to to not move the camera. If it states doing it click once, then right click the area for ctm. It is horrible on team viewer.

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I'm going to try that google one possibly. I know splash desktop did an awesome job back in the day, but it costs money now.

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Hi mate I also use teamviewer and I know exactly what u mean. What I do now is this, make sure you have selected click to move on wow settings and then place the cursor in game glove itself in an area close by to where u want to go and keep it press on your screen, the toon will move to that area. The only problem with using this is that the tablet which is what I use sometimes interprets that as a double tap and moves the camera, and I think all teamviewer users know if you move the camera you are screwed as is very hard to set back to where you want again.

The good thing about this technique is that sometimes you can click on the actual NPC and it will move there and open the chat box. I am also going to give other programs a try as teamviewer is quite frustrating at times What about when you select a window in the taskbar and you just can open it no matter what you do.. Anyway I hope what I mentioned above helps you.. I use it a lot especially around the garrison stuff Cheers Tekken. Tekken , Feb 27, The "extremely fast camera rotation" is because of TeamViewer's virtual screen scaling.

I had a similar problem without TeamViewer on my computer when I used monitors that were different sizes.

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My middle monitor was set to "Large" scaling and the others were set to Medium. Anytime I used a game on the Large scale monitor, the camera would spazz out if I moved it - but it would work fine on the Medium monitors. The issue also changed depending on which was set as the primary monitor. If the large was set, then the medium had issues and vise-versa.

I could imagine TeamViewer is displaying at a separate scale than your computer is set to. I've never really bothered to look into a fix for it though, perhaps you could try adjusting the scaling manually to match whatever TeamViewer may be using.

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Whenever you connect via TeamViewer, try messing around with it. Last edited: Feb 27, EchoTiger , Feb 27, Outcry , Feb 27, Toofastforyou , Feb 27, Teamviewer isnt compatible with HB and will cause problems issues there are several different incompatible softwares that if ran while HB is in use will cause issues there used to be a wiki for it but it's not found anymore some of these are OBS Teamviewer ALmost all Razor software. Change the settings in the copy of wow you are using. Turn off hardware cursor, slow the mouse movement speed down, and set your character to walk and not run before you give a small command like move forward 5 feet Does the right click work in other situations with remote desktop?

Like clicking on the desktop, or you could also launch a quick game that uses right click. Which software are you using as remote desktop? It seems the problem - Input. GetAxis "Mouse X".


Ok, seriously, why remote desktop? Why do you need that?

  • vlc for mac os x 10.11;
  • verizon message app for mac;
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Your problem is, that Input. Quite simply I often work remotely. And expect that users will also do so remotely. Can you show an example of the code to do this?

JasonCG likes this. Like I said, easy viewing of objects. Thanks for the tip.

Provide remote support from your Android tablet with TeamViewer

It is not my desire , it is a requirement of the customer. Joined: Aug 31, Posts: I have a similar problem in that Input. GetAxis "Mouse X" returns zero. A lot of people use virtual machines to develop on or work remotely. I'm not sure why you are asking "WHY??? It is a completely irrelevant question. Clearly there is an issue, so if you cannot help, keep quiet.

If anyone finds a solution to this, which still exists and is discussed in other threads, then please do post a solution.

I am using Windows Remote Desktop and it is not working.